Pandemic risks high in Africa despite slow spread

COVID-19 cases in Africa passed 100,000 in late May—a relatively low figure in a region with just 1.5 percent of the confirmed cases worldwide. A slower transmission rate and younger population left some observers optimistic, even as WHO warned of overwhelmed hospitals, UNICEF of missed vaccinations, and the World Food Programme (WFP) of desperate shortages.


UNICEF announces senior staff rotations

In an email to staff on Tuesday, UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore announced the agency’s latest round of senior staff appointments. She emphasized UNICEF’s commitment to striving for geographic and gender parity, noting that the appointments reflect this—“in addition to maintaining gender parity, we have improved geographic diversity to 43 percent programme country nationals,” Fore wrote.


WHO adds UNICEF to coronavirus funding partnership

Weeks after launching an innovative fundraising platform incorporating individual contributions, WHO announced in early April that UNICEF would join its COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund as a “key partner,” bringing “extensive experience both in fundraising and in implementing programs.” As part of the arrangement, proceeds from the fund—which allows individuals, corporations, and institutions “anywhere in the world” to

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