Global Nutrition Report highlights malnutrition inequities

No country is on course to meet all 10 of WHO’s 2025 global nutrition targets and just eight of 194 countries are on track to meet four targets, according to the 2020 Global Nutrition Report (GNR). Published this month, the GNR reported that one in every nine people in the world is hungry, and one in every three is overweight or obese. More and more countries experience the double burden of malnutrition, where undernutrition coexists with overweight, obesity and other diet-related NCDs.

The GNR is a multi-stakeholder initiative comprised of representatives from UNICEF, WFP, and WHO, as well as member states, the foundation, and other nonprofits. It was established in 2014—following the first Nutrition for Growth summit—as an accountability mechanism to track progress against global nutrition targets.

Click the image below for an interactive dashboard using 2020 GNR data:

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